Monday, March 31, 2008

Egg Hunts and More...

Holiday's are definitely Fun, but can be very tiring when you go from
place to place, party to party without a nap none the less.

Here are at the Cheshires for our second egg hunt of the weekend!
He was hilarious!
After he found an egg he would put his finger to his chin and say,
"Hmmm, where's another one...hmmm, where could it be"

Here we are at Grandma and Grandpa Limburg's house for yet,
Another Egg Hunt!
We were a little egged out after this one!
So little eggs with so much time! Strike that, Reverse it!

It is pretty cool being the only grandson able to search for eggs.

No fighting here!! WOW, look at that baskte!

This is his reaction to them all being his! COOL!

Who could forget that cute baby! I didn't take as many pictures of him as I should have.
He was a sweetheart on Easter.
Smiley and happy as always.
Parker is growing up so
fast climbing all over everything!
Look at those beautiful blue eyes and those chubby cheeks!
I kiss those cheeks every chance I get!


Amber said...

Hi Megan! I cam across your page and took a look at your cute little family, your kids are so cute!

Sly Family said...

Wow! Parker looks so much like his big brother. Both your boys are so cute and I love Parker's little cheeks!

Christy & Kevin said...

HI Megan,
its Christy (Dorsey). Gina Terry just contacted me...and I stumbled onto your blog. cute family. life is crazy huh? Hope your're happy and all is well. we have just started the blogging thing

Shawn & Sally Barrington said...

Way fun! thanks for finally updating!!!! I miss seeing my boys grow! Easter looked fun. maybe a little overwellming. What a trouper!! Kisses! Fun that Christy found us hu!?

Gina Hurst said...

Looks like you guys had a blast this Easter! I wish we would have done something. Having no family or friends near by isn't very fun. I'm sorry to hear that your baby was sick. I hope that he is doing better. Its hard watching your kids be sick cause you fill so helpless!

Jess and Joe said...

Hey girlie - long time no see or talk! Your boys are sooo cute!!! I can't believe how big Parker is and I haven't even seen him!! You should send me your email address at jgo1429@gmail and I'll add you so you can see my blog :) I hope life is good - miss you!!

Cassie said...

It is time for a blog update!!!!! I need to see more of those boys.

Shawn & Sally Barrington said...

I second the update!!! Please!!

Larry said...

5 months without an update. Are you all OK?

Larry said...

How about an update?

Larry said...

It has now been a year!

Larry said...

It is time to tell about the egg hunt again. This year.